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What's Included?

Here's What You'll Get:

The free website review will cover the areas outlined below. Depending on what we find during the audit, we may also include additional recommendations and suggestions.

Critical Issues

We'll note any major issues with your existing website.

Website SPeed

We'll conduct a variety of speed tests to make sure your website is up to pace.


Devices check to ensure your site is working correctly across screen sizes.


We review your current SEO strategy and note any major concerns found.


Checks to make sure your site security is being utilized properly.


We look into your existing hosting provider and will take note of any concerns.


An overview of the platform, tools and code used within your website.


An overview of your stores functionality and review of critical features.

Minor Issues

Notate and deliver a list of any minor issues found along the audit process.

Website Copy

We'll do a broad overview on your websites content strategy and tone.

Website Audit Meeting


No Two Audits The Same

Rather than plugging your website into a tool or pre-made report, we take the time to manually test your site and take detailed notes.

There's no substitute for a hands-on website review. That's why we explain the results of our findings over a call rather than passing you an automated report filled with industry jargon.

Once our review is delivered, it's yours to do with as you please. We're not going to try and make a hard sell, we're here to help.

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